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ICC announces new DSL filter module!

ICC is excited to release the new all-in-one DSL filter module designed to work with ICC residential Net.Media Centers. The module serves as an ADSL noise filter, voice pass through and as a voice expansion module ideal for customers who rely on telephone and data service through ADSL. The DSL filter module has a snap and lock push pin design for fast and easy installations.

The DSL filter module is efficient and its all-in-one design helps to reduce cost, service complexity and installation time. It provides as an effective way to filter data noise out of all phones throughout the house with a single unit, eliminating the need for DSL filters that would normally be required at every phone outlet. The DSL filter module provides 4 lines in and 4 lines out including 110 IDC punch down to connection to ICC telephone modules.

ICC is a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of structured cabling products for residential and commercial use. For more information on this item or other premium products with proven performance at competitive prices, contact ICC at 888.ASK.4.ICC (275-4422).