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Elite Installer Program


The Elite Installer™ Program is a reseller program that forms a partnership and loyalty between installers and ICC. By signing up as an Elite Installer, your company will receive exclusive privileges directly from ICC for using ICC products.  Also by advancing to a Certified Elite Installer with a Master Technician, you will also qualify to offer a Lifetime Performance Limited Warranty with your cabling installations.

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Elite Installer Program Chart (Download PDF)

Elite Installer+ 
• Take the first step and join our team of Elite Installers

• Sign up online, click here
Email must remain valid to receive program notices and to keep your membership active 

• Must be an installer actively purchasing ICC end-to-end solutions; jacks, patch panels, patch cords, and premise cables
• Must have a company headquartered within the U.S.A., the District of Columbia, or Canada


15-Year Warranty
• Offer 15-Year Limited Performance Warranty without certification
• Receive a 15-Year Proof of Warranty for each project upon request

This warranty is for guaranteed system performance from end-to-end for 15 years from the date of installation.  Coverage includes the replacement of ICC products only.  The 15-Year Warranty is available to Elite Installers for ICC category-rated connectivity products and ICC horizontal premise cables as an end-to-end, Permanent Link solution.  You don’t have to be certified and no training is needed; just sign up as an Elite Installer to offer this warranty to your customers.  For more details, please click here to review the warranty program.

Project Discounts
• Receive exclusive discounts for end-to-end cabling projects

When requesting a project quote (RFQ) from your distributor, please mention your Elite ID number on the RFQ, and send a copy to your ICC Account Manager.  Projects must include ICC outlets, patch panels, and premise cables.  Project discounts are subject to a dollar volume requirement.  Please consult your ICC Account Manager for details.

Sales Promotions
• Receive exclusive sales promotions

Priority Tech Support
We will escalate your tech support call to the top of our priority, please mention your Elite ID number

EI Certificate and Logo Usage
• We will provide a certificate and logo to authenticate your Elite status upon request

Priority Drop Shipping
• If you need product fast and it’s not available locally, we will coordinate with the distributor to ship directly to your location or to the job site

Reward Points* 
• Purchase $10,000 or more per quarter  
• Receive reward points that can be used to redeem for free tools, eGift cards, and more
• *See below for complete terms and conditions

New Product Notifications
• Be the first to learn about our new products, their functions, and features

CAD Drawing Usage 
• CAD drawings are available upon request

Certified Elite Installer+
• Take the next step and get more exclusive benefits

• Complete the CEI agreement and register for a training course
• Must have at least one Master Technician (MT) trained and on staff with a valid status
• Must purchase ICC products (invoices required)
• $299 enrollment fee includes:

a.  One free MT Training Course ($199 value)
b.  Five year membership term

• $199 renewal includes a five year extension and retraining for your MT ($99 value)
• Membership stays with the company


Lifetime Warranty 
• Offer a Lifetime Performance Limited Warranty
• We provide a Lifetime Proof of Warranty for each verified site

This warranty is for guaranteed system performance from end-to-end for the usable life of the cabling system.  Coverage includes replacement of ICC products and labor to replace them.  The cabling system must be installed by a CEI with ICC category-rated connectivity products and ICC horizontal premise cable as an end-to-end, Permanent Link solution, and verified as a Verified Site Cabling System.  For more details, please click here to review the warranty program.

Site Verification 
• We verify, document, and archive schematics and test reports at no cost
• We review your installation to make sure it complies with TIA specifications and is eligible for Lifetime Warranty

CEI Certificate and Logo Usage
• A certificate and logo is provided to authenticate your CEI status

Free Tools 
• You may be eligible for free tools for your projects

Free Product Samples 
• Samples can be provided for bidding on projects or presentations upon request

Project Kitting and Staging 
• We will package, kit and stage a project according to your bill-of-materials (BOM) upon request

Business Referrals
• We refer leads and projects to CEIs as well as work with them to bid projects
• Lead referrals will be prioritized based on the Elite level

Written Success Stories
• We help promote your business by writing testimonials of your project successes upon request
• We will write a success story and submit it to trade magazines and online media

ICC Media Library Usage and Graphic Support
• Installers have access to ICC’s media library allowing the use of ICC’s logo, product pictures, literature, advertisements and more
• IPA (Intellectual Property Agreement) must be in place

Master Technician
• Register your technician to attend a training course
Click here to see upcoming courses or contact your ICC Account Manager to schedule one locally

Master Technician Requirements
• Attend a training course and pass a written exam
• $199 first-time enrollment fee includes:

a. One MT Training Course
b. Five year license term

• $99 renewal includes retraining and a license with a five year extension

• Earn a MT license; license stays with the individual
• Qualify to earn four BICSI (Building Industry Consultant Service International) ITS Continuing Education Credits (CEC)
• BICSI ITS CECs are issued only to BICSI credential holders
• Adds value as well as credibility to individuals who are attending training and staying abreast of the latest developments in structured cabling

Course Overview
The training course is one-day and is held throughout the country.  It is conducted by professional Certified Instructors with over 20 years of experience in network design and installation.  The course discusses the benefits of Certified Elite Installers and the procedures Master Technicians must follow before and after the installation to ensure they adequately verify a site for warranty.  To ensure your technician receives proper training, we limit our class size to no more than 25 seats per course.  Our Product Management, Engineering and Marketing teams work with the instructors to continuously update the curriculum, products, and warranty program to ensure your technician receives the highest level of training. 

Course Agenda

8:00AM Training Begins
• Each technician receives a training kit with a JackEasy tool ($55 value) to keep

1. Industry Standards and Codes
• Review up-to-date industry standards and regulations

2. Structured Cabling Systems
• Follow industry guidelines for installing a category-rated copper structured cabling system

12:00PM Lunch Break

3. Testing and Warranty
• Learn how to test and document the performance of the system to comply with TIA's industry standards
• Review procedures for registering for a verified site with Lifetime Performance Warranty

4. Terminating Practices
• Learn proper techniques for terminating and installing ICC data and voice products

Q&A and Exam
• Certificates and licenses will be mailed from ICC after we receive and grade the exams

5:00PM Training Ends

benefit elite certified
 15 Year Warranty
 Project Discounts
 Sales Promotions
 Priority Tech Support
 EI Certificate and Logo Usage
 Priority Shipping
 Reward Points
 New Product Notifications
 CAD Drawing Usage
 Lifetime Warranty  
 Site Verifications  
 CEI Certificate and Logo Usage  
 Free Tools  
 Free Product Samples  
 Project Kitting and Staging  
 Business Referrals  
 Written Success Stories  
 ICC Media Library Usage  

*Reward Points Terms and Conditions

1. Earn 2% points on purchases totaling $10,000 or more each quarter.  For example, purchase $10,000 and earn 200 points.  

2. Points that are not redeemed by the expiration date will be forfeited.

3. All purchases must be made from an authorized ICC distributor. 

4. If you do not purchase from an ICC PCSD or PD listed on our distributor locator then you must report your invoices to us every quarter.

5. This promotion is only offered to Elite Installers within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada. 

6. Rewards will only be sent to a valid business address located within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada. 

7. ICC reserves the right to verify any documents and audit all transactions and refuse entry into this program. 

8. ICC reserves the right to cancel or retain the amount of any reward points issued to an entity under this promotional program. 

9. Only purchases dated on or after the date of Elite Installer+ registration will be counted.

10. Elite Installer and its representatives acknowledge and agree they are responsible for collecting, remitting, or reporting any sales, use, income or other taxes. ICC is not responsible for collecting, remitting or reporting any sales, use, income or other taxes. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply; void where prohibited by law. 

11. ICC and the selected gift card retailers are in no way partnered or affiliated. These retailers are in no way endorsing ICC or ICC’s promotional offers and marketing programs. 

12. Contact your ICC Account Manager for complete terms and conditions.

+: Installer is defined as an installation company who engages in low voltage cabling installation as its primary business. Resellers who resell ICC products do not qualify as Installer. End users who use ICC products primary for themselves do not qualify.