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CAT6A RJ45 Keystone Jack with Shielded Body in HD Style

PN: IC1078S6A0

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SKU: IC1078S6A0


CAT 6A high-density (HD), FTP shielded modular jacks (8P8C) is designed to deliver advanced performance for 10G applications and backward compatibles with CAT 6 and CAT 5e systems. CAT 6A  high-density (HD) FTP die-cast connector and wire cap shields and protects vital network terminations from harmful Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) commonly present around power cables, heavy machinery and external noises that causes alien crosstalk along the path of a signal.

CAT 6A FTP shielded modular jacks (8P8C) innovative high-density (HD), split pairs termination allows the jack to be terminated with traditional single blade punch down tool (ICACSPDT00) or ICC’s 4-pair JackEasy tool (ICACSPDTEH).


  •       CAT 6A shielded connectors provide excellent performance for data networks requiring 
  •       maximum speed and bandwidth.
  •       Enhanced crosstalk cancellation reduces return loss and improves performance by 
  •       rejecting noise and unwanted signals.
  •       Engineered to provide wire termination cap for a quick and easy termination.
  •       Shielded housing provides against electro-magnetic interference (EMI).
  •       Compatible with TIA-568A/B wiring diagram.
  •       Ideal for 22~24AWG solid wire.
  •       Compatible with ICC CAT 6A FTP blank patch panel IC107PPS6A, faceplates, and surface 
  •       mount boxes.
  •       High density style (HD) jacks are compatible with Decorex style inserts and classic faceplates only
  •       Used with ICC 110 single-blade punch down tool (ICACSPDT00) and ICC JackEasy tool (ICACSPDTEH)
  •       Exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-C requirements for permanent, channel link and component performances
  •       UL 1863 compliant



1. CAT 6A FTP Modular Connector:

   A. Environmental Conditions:

        -Temperature Range

        -Storage:-40 TO +70°C, Operational:-10 TO +60°C

        -Relative Humidity (Operational): Maximum Noncondensing 93%

    B. Electrical:

        -Insulation Resistance: 500 Mega Ohm Min

        -Contact Resistance: 20 Milliohm Max

        -Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1,000 Volts  D.C., 60 HZ, 1 Min

    C. Mechanical:

        -Total Contact Force: 800 Gram for 8 wires leads minimum

        -Retention: 50N (11 LBF) FOR 60S±5S

        -Insertion Life: 750 Cycles Min

    D. Physical:

        -Housing: Zinc-Alloy Fully Shielded

        -Spring Wire: Phosphor Bronze Alloy Plated with 50 Micro-inch                    

         of gold over 70~100 Micro-inch of Nickel

2.  Wire Cap: Zince-Alloy

3.  IDC Wire Gauge: 22~24 AWG  Solid Wire

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