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Ladder Racks

Ladder Rack System

Whether it’s in the telecom closet, computer room or data center, our ladder rack system is a perfect choice for cable routing and management. Regardless if the installation calls for ceiling access and overhead run or vertical cable support or rack mounted installations, the ICC ladder rack addresses every need. See product details.

Ladder Rack Runway

Ladder rack runways come in straight and curved sections. Straight sections come in 5’ and 10’ lengths. The 5’ section can support up to 500 lbs. and the 10’ section can support up to 300 lbs. in weight capacity when properly secured on both ends. Curved sections come in three 90 degree styles: flat turn (shown), inside corner and outside corner. All runways are designed with a 12” width and are constructed of heavy duty 16 gauge steel to provide strength and stability. See product details.

Ceiling Rods and Radius Drop

Use ceiling rods to sustain over-hanging runway to the ceiling. Ceiling rods are made of durable steel for strength and durability. The rods are threaded allowing the height of the runway to be adjusted. They come in 6’ lengths and with mounting hardware. A radius drop is designed to be attached to the rungs of ladder racks to maintain bend radius at drop points. See product details.

Wall Supports and Tee Splices

The wall support angle is designed to mount the end of a ladder rack runway to the wall. The triangle wall support forms a triangle shape after assembly holding the runway parallel to the wall. They come with J-bolts to secure the rails. The bases of the wall supports have holes, so they can be mounted to the wall. Mounting hardware is not included. Use a tee-junction splice kit to fasten runway sections together in a tee section. They can be mounted inside or outside of the rails. See product details..

Butt Splices

Butt splices come in two styles: straight and swivel. Both are made of steel and designed to join the ends of ladder rack runway together. The swivel butt splice has a unique design. It can adjust runway to any required angle within 180 degrees. The adjustable swivel makes it easier to install runways over and around existing obstructions, such as plumbing and electrical wiring. See product details.

Relay Brackets and Cable Post

Ladder rack runway can be mounted and secured to distribution racks with a relay bracket. The bracket comes in two styles: 2 post or 4 post racks. Brackets are made of steel and come with J-bolts to secure the rails. Cable post can be mounted on the sides of the runway to prevent cable from falling. End caps are included to cover the exposed end of the post and protect cable from being damaged. See product details.